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Who is doing this survey?

  • Information by Design (IbyD) are doing this survey, on behalf of Active Amber Valley.

  • Active Amber Valley is a partnership of different organisations who support people to get active in the area.

  • IbyD are an independent research company, members of the Market Research Society (MRS) and abide by the MRS Code of Conduct.


Enter the free prize draw! 

Everyone who completes all the questions can enter the free prize draw for:

  • one of three cash prizes - £30, £20, and £10

  • one three-month free premium membership, including a free health check and personal training session, for your choice of local leisure centre (Alfreton, Heanor and Ripley only). 

You will also be eligible for a free one-day pass for your choice of local leisure centre (Alfreton, Heanor and Ripley only).  We’ll give instructions on how to claim this at the end of the survey.

How to complete the survey

  • We are asking about physical activity. This can include sport but we are interested in a wide variety of different things that you do to keep active.

  • It can be anything you do that helps to keep yourself physically active, which might be gardening on an allotment, walking the dog, or ‘sport’ such as football, netball, swimming or jogging.

  • Please follow the instructions for each question carefully. Some of them ask you to select one option and some more than one option or to type something in.

  • Everything you tell us will be treated in the strictest confidence – we definitely won’t pass your details on to anyone else.

  • If you have any questions, please telephone Information by Design on 01482 467467.

  • If you have any concerns about this survey please to contact Nikki Ottowell at Amber Valley Borough Council on 01773 841428.


For information on data protection and GDPR please click here

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